• On request, we can arrange for your shipment to be collected from the previous owner.
  • You can track your shipment with a trackinglink.
  • We inspect your shipment in our warehouse.
  • Goods that require a permit are recorded in our weapons trading book.


  • Regarding weapons legislation, the actual authority, ownership, is transferred to us.


  • We solicit the necessary entry documents from the recipient.
  • We create, request and submit all documents for exportation, permits and communications.
  • We organise customs clearance and presentation.
  • The shipment is packaged according to the expected requirements.
  • We only ship through authorized consignors.
  • The authorized recipient can track the shipment with a trackinglink or an air waybill.
  • Where possible, the goods are delivered to the authorized recipient in person.



We assume no liability or responsibility for the function, completeness and condition of the weapon (s).

This is only a matter between seller and buyer!

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